Enjoy the world in scale 1:72!

Gallary Project 3: Clash of Tanks


Fictional representation of a conflict between enclosed Russian troops and Germans with in mind the city Veliky Novgorod and lake Ilmen.

While the outnumbered Soviets have enclosed from both sides by the Nazis, through the fields and trough the mountain passage, the outnumbered have to fight their way out as reinforcements loom. Hiding behind quickly erected fortifications does not protect the suffering Russian soldiers long as the T-34 is an easy prey for the German Pantzer 2 with 88mm gun.

With reinforcements on the verge with supporting IS-2 with 85mm gun across the river the act might be to late as the week stronghold is heavily under attach  and under attack already by a Tiger 1 and Half-track with four 20mm Flakvierling 38 anti-aircraft guns. With nearly a 100 German infantry and paratroops surrounding the situation in the desperate enclave for the exhausted Russian is alarming.

Perhaps this is not the end for the poor Russian soldiers caught in between as a Yak-3 fighter plane has just arrived to aim for the heavy German tanks after shooting en route a Messersmith out of the sky.

Multiple View Angles

    • West View
    • South View
    • East View
    • North View
    • Centre View

Model Specification

Diverse troops of German and Russian figures, tanks, airplanes, etc.  such as T34, IS-2, Tiger 1, Yak-3, Tiger 2, Messerschmitt BF 109, FLAK 18, etc. The plastic models constructed, painted and hence used are represented below.