Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

Gallary Project 3: Clash of Tanks


Fictional representation of a conflict between Soviets and Germans supported by Italians & Romanians in a hilly area with a fortified bastion. On one side the soviet tanks role over the country towards the enemy bunker formation with its broad trenches and mighty guns sparsed. Meanwhile, on the other side, the Germans, Italians and Romanians defences has dug in expecting the battering force of the attack force.

Both sides armed at their max and reinforcements on the horizon or from the hills (or out of the hills). The tendency seems no side will to give in. The balance is maybe even, however the aftermath in favour of one of the opponents. The current odds are equal.

The Germans have a strong defence emerged, an immense stronghold deep into the hills, with dragon’s teeth dispersed and the advantage of a large pond. The latter might perhaps not be a problem for the sheer number of tanks with not the least calibre size. Spotted are tank barrels of 152 mm. To surplus that girth, Germans have their 17cm Gun mounted in the forest supervising the full battle ground.

The Russians have to breach the defense with no other option than to push the offence by all means. Bring forward mass capacity of equipment and troops with the best armament at their disposal. Overrun the enemy with waves of men, tanks and planes under heavy artillery fire. How will this story end...

Model Specification

At one side many German, Italian and Romanian troops flanked by a diversity of German artillery, vehicles, and planes at one side of the landscape and on the other side a variety of many Russian troops and equipment. The plastic models which are constructed, painted and hence used in the diorama are represented below. Click on each images to redirect to detailed facts & more photos.