Enjoy the world in scale 1:72


Let's Build Scenaries

Constructing a diorama consist of phases while painting of the various models and figures can proceed in parallel. There is no single path to follow. Creativity, improvisation and ingenuity come along your journey of modelling with joy. Attend to an original image is just a direction, but don’t fear to diverge. Neither did I. I would rather say that the results became even better than was planned.

Sometimes a goal can't be achieved because of missing the resources or it just doesn’t work out the way you want it and for the sack of time... Everything is adjustable afterwards at later point in time. Although after placing the plastic soldiers for instance it would be harsh to accomplish.

Project 1: Small Bridge Battle

While outliving the pandemic COVID-19 in April 2020, completed the diorama within a week of modelling and painting in a discplined matter. A due date, 9th of May, was set to complete as a purpose for the 75th celibration of Victory Day in Russia (День Победы ).

The goal is a fictive battelground with a water feature, some mountain ridge, trees, strongholds, tanks, guns and a bridge as central point, between Russians and a medley of German troops. Mission achieved!

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Project 2: Skerries Skirmish

Commenced per December 2020 with a diaroma about a quarrel between German Mountain Troops (Gebirgsjäger) and passign Italian Mountain Troops (Alpini) against British Commandos supported by British Paratroops along a few skerries; including tanks, guns and skis. Expected to finish off fast. However, the results are the opposite of the inital thoughts.

Modeling wasn't easy on the details and diversed away frequently from the plan. Anyway, the results are to the convieniences. Finished in Q1 2021.

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Project 3: Clash of Tanks

Started in Q3, but needed full Q4 of 2021 to work out all details, including painting all figures and models. A meadow with some trees and a pond seems easy creating and expected fast completion, but isn't. Same for the bunker and ditch on the rocky side. This scenario with many tanks, from Russians and Germans, as the central subject and objective, was appraoched in 2 parts:

Part 1 - German Side

Part 2 - Russian Side

Drags on to finalize all kind of details on every inch of the board. Finally, the board is ready, 120x6, and enought to peek for hours.

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Project 4: Desert Trap

Commenced in Q1 2022 with a diaroma about the famous 8th Army of Monty and Afrika Korps of Rommel. At the same time as long pending wish to do a desert theme. against British Commandos supported by British Paratroops along a few skerries. Expected to finish off fast. However, the results are the opposite of the inital thoughts.

The total creation of this idea didn't take too long. As usual paiting the fugures is time consuming, as sprinkling sand is an easy job, therefore within a few months ready. Perhaps disappointment is the project has the same color style, however that invites to gaze firm.

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Project 6: Rasputitsa

A sneak peak of the mind: many models are prepared already; paiting of winter dressed figures, not to many, will happen before start of the diaroma build. The square board is planned to depict a fight over a small town with damaged houses, surrounded by tanks, artillery and soldiers in early or late winter time with muddy wet roads; so called Rasputitsa (распу́тица).

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Project 5: Tropic Beach Assault

Rigth after project 4, eager to start for long period, in Q3 of 2022 the diaroma with a beach landing fom sea, close to a jungle, a few tanks, jeeps, guns and debris. Of course the battle between Americans and Japanese is the central focus and not to forget Australians on the allied fighting side..

Hoewver, the process was tormenting and underestimated in every aspect. A forest is simple, but a jungle is not ready-to-deploy. Choice of trees limited, long resacaxcrh; what about jungle bunker; color cominationfor soil? In the mind the projection is clear, but the practice was trail-and-error. Especially the ocean and beach parts. Anyway, I hope the final outcome is to the convieniences and the story  revelates.

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