Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from the Axis

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the offensive party also known as the "axis" side.

Close-Up 1: From Axis View

Through a narrow pass the German-Italian combined force barging in a fortified British bastion. The flanks nearly provide any cover other than perhaps a few hidden troops from both sides. 

Close-Up 2: Tank Destroyer

Perhaps volunteered, but this Jagdpanzer IV is spear head of the convoy and rricochets the first hits from the defenders side.

Close-Up 3: Forceful Tank

One of the prettiest and most powerful tanks of the entire WW2, designed by Porsche, the Tiger I is part of the show and confident to crush enemy with his powerful 88 mm barrel. 

Close-Up 4: What's Coming?

From the allied view this what to be expected. A wave of big guns mounted to tanks and many many small guns held by soldiers. Shells and bullets soon to launch through the air. 

Close-Up 5: Famo

Unfortunately engine issues for the German Half-Track whilst pulling a Mörser. Hopefully does this not jeopardises the special expedition.

Close-Up 6: 21 cm 

The giant German howitzer is towed and not in position. Once the Mörser is in firing position, its huge heavy barrel and shells can easy penetrate trough the fortress wall with a single shot.

Close-Up 7: Gap

The narrow street between the two mountain ridges causes to choke the convoy and hence prevents from positioning, resulting in queuing an idle state.

Close-Up 8: Tanks

Although the Tiger perhaps doesn’t need help from a panzer, more the merrier as long as it can bring victory.

Close-Up 9: Pretty Medium Tank

Another fierce tank, second most numerous German build , is the Panzer IV. Well equipped with 75mm gun in desert colours a valuable asset for the Afrika Korps.

Close-Up 10: Never Have Enough

The Italian Infantry made sure their is enough firepower brought by these notorious heavy guns aka Cannone carries 150mm shells. If they are in position to aim well, there is only dust left at target base after a few strikes. A german half-track relocates more troops to the front.

Close-Up 11: Outlook

The BMW 75 motorcycle cant be missed from the mobility warm and capable to survive many surfaces.

Close-Up 12: Car and Gun

The German light armoured car rushes into the scene and a Italian self propelled gun Semovente is also about to enter the arena; both joining the party befor eleft out.

Close-Up 13: Air Defense

For incoming enemy airplanes, the Flakvierling 38 mounted on a broken down Sd.Kfz.7 (missing left front weel) migth still do its expected job.

Close-Up 14: Opel Blitz

A German cargo truck awaits to queue as well, loaded with more reinforcements.

Close-Up 15: Offensive

Barely two tanks can pass the narrow corridor along with the supporting German & Italian troops on the flanks. They must have a plan... right?... 

Close-Up 16: Mass Attack

As the huge German & Italian convoy has been spotted already upfront by the British 8th army defenders, the attackers have serious attempts of attacking, destroying and seize the area beyond the small gulch.  

Close-Up 17: Italian Fighter

The MC 205 has arrvied to air cover the engageing force and shoting grount targets. However, enemy an aircraft is also persent in the nearby sky.

Close-Up 18: Upcoming

Onerous to predict a save passage without unexpected obstacles, but very obvious that the high ridge are idle place for ambush or any firing and shelling downwards. Time will tell...


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