Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from the Centre

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the left part of this pentagon board called the "centre" side.

Close-Up 1: Dive

As mobile reinforcements are faint, the Russian air support has called in. Hoepfully in time and not letting their comrades down. Hence in attack mode to repel Germans.

Close-Up 1: Low Flyer

A Russian fighter aircraft flies low to protect the outnumbered Russians and impress the attackers as no other German plane is nearby.

Close-Up 2: The Eye Of The Battle

A Russian Yak-3 explores the battlefield, in  search of a target. There are a few, tanks, a half-track and many German soldiers.

Close-Up 3: Battle On The Ground

From above the movements of the different parties are best visible wherefrom and whereto. Furthermore, reveals hiding places of soldiers, and equipment.

Close-Up 4: Bridge Assualt

An eagleview over the bridge below with a Russian T-34 barely attempting to cross with relentless soldiers aside.

Close-Up 5: Enemy Force

The German are eager to take the position of the Russians

Close-Up 6: Russian Anti-Tank Gun

Just left of bridge a Russian M-30 is positioned to fire back at the Germans approaching from the forest; whether roling steel or progressing body.

Close-Up 7: German Anti-Tank Gun

In the back the Germans have also positioned their leFH 18; just a bit smaller barrel compared to the Russian one: 105 at 122.

Close-Up 8: Majority

The Germans have gathered many troops with various equipment, as bazookas, to storm and blast at the opponents along the canal.


Seen not enough, please rewind to West!