Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

Started this site in 2020, mid-forties, during first months of Covid Pandemic after a request for an urgent project to complete a decoration for the celebration of 9th of May (Russian Victory Day) expectingly. I remember that dedicated project week as no other. Waiting for others until last minute, but also collecting parts from my childhood and a 10 hour straight assembling on a Sunday and help of family members during; with next day filming.

That project lead to a follow-up as the infinite ideas came, because I had so many figures still left from my childhood. An Orient scene or Africa scene or Europe scene, doesn’t matter. Still today more ideas than I have time to ever finish. Aditionally , checking the internet for plastic tanks, planes and artillery models was a revelation. Finally I had the time to do something I always enjoyed. The financial situation was not a constraint and always increases the fun not to e limited in budget.

Of course, as Dutchman, always look twice a every penny and there are smart ways to buy something cheaper which is also the part of the obsession. Admittingly, to stop acquiring was difficult at some point AS I would already know that all models must be collected. This is however impossible, but as long term definitely a goal. The variety of all possible Russian tanks or German airplanes, or close to at least. Discovered that apparently during the course of WW2 more German plane protypes exists, and on the model kit market, than actual planes of duty.

Benefical of all that assembling and painting is all the gained knowledge about World War 2. Whether on purpose or not, I was sniffing around as Jonny 5 for more input. YouTube has no WW2 subjects and related which I have not seen. Not even to mention wikis and other martial available on internet. One lead to the other The immense knowledge on many aspects of the war such as economics, mechanics, politics, engineering, construction, weapons, armaments, and what more has been absorbed.



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