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Let's Watch Scenaries

The scenarios represent a fictive war scene between different armies consistinf of soldiers, vehicles, tanks, artillerly and many more in creative surrounding. Started in spring 2022 and over the years growing. Every scenario has a story which hopefully is visible and understandable. Goal is to have a variaty of landscapes passed: winter, summer, city, mountains, woods, fields, etc. The boards are all still existing at location and all models and figures are unique; none are taken from one board to the other. Currently working on a 5th scenario. 

Project 1 - Small Bridge Battle

Germans surrounding a Soviet battalion from almost all sides while crossing a small river. This is the first scenario build in just 10 (long) days. Kept it all simple due to time pressure.

Size about 60 by 70 cm.

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Project 2 - Skerries Skirmish

Skirmish between British Commando's & Paratroopers versus German Mountain & Italian Mountain Troops on a high bridge crossing a deep narrow valley. Second build was more complex and challenging, especially the waterfall.

Size about 40 by 60 cm.  

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Project 3 - Clash Of Tanks

Largest scenario build so far. Persist of two sections. On the left side of the picture the Soviet advances towards the fortified Germans, Italians and Rumanian who defend on the right side. Main goal in this scenario was to have as many (exclusive) tanks as possible... and why not... A hilly and woodsy area is central with a trench to sever the two parts.  Therefore separety the parts can also be examinate.  

Size about 60 by 120 cm.

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Project 4 - Desert Trap

This sandy scenario was for long time on the list and easy to complete from start to end. A battle of the British 8th Army versus the German Afrika Korps is a must and in memory of the strange unlogic ww2 scene where it took place... a desert.  

Size about 40 by 85 cm.

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Project 6 - Rasputitsa

Urban scenario in early winter or late spring with gloomy weather. Clash between Russians and Germans over a town in difficult conditions with combat vehicles struggling in the muddy soil  for progress of gaining territory.   

Size about 60 by 90 cm.

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Project 5 - Tropical Beach Assault

This scenario is another must-to-do item where the American Marines Corps and Australian Infantry attack the Japanese Army on a tropical island by landing on the shores and chop their way through the jungle towards opposing bunkers.

Size about 40 by 80 cm.

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Project 7 - Shore Raid

Coastal small landscape portraying a raid by British Paratroopers attacking from shore on a German position with a V2 Rocket and a Maus tank located on a cliff side coverd with woods.

Size about 35 by 50 cm.

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