Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from The Defense

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the defensive party also known as the "axis" side.

Close-Up 1: Axis View

The Japanese defence of the island is consisting of fortification by a bunker complex with machine guns at ground level and one in a nearby rock formation with a big gun, supported by infantry and tanks.


Close-Up 2: Bunker Gun

Let's start in left lower corner where the Japanese try to oust the imminent threat of approaching Australians from their caves, but also oversea the beach from height with a 200mm (at least) cannon.

Close-Up 3: High Point

Climbing to the top of the rocky structure, some soldiers mounted a machine gun to have a broad fire range over the complete battle ground.

Close-Up 4: Three Levels

The rocks are build up naturally by different layers. At ground level has the entrance the caves with parked tanks outside. One level up has a small path and bunker and last layer is the one on top with a few men posted. 

Close-Up 5: Type 94 Tank

The first level has a narrow path which is wide enough to have this Japanese Tankette move along the ledge.

Close-Up 6: Build-in Bunker

Embedded in the environment, almost invisible, a bunker defends the bay and shore side. High target for the ship's cannons , but hardly to get a full hit; therefore invincible. How to take out not clear yet, but most likely by men.

Close-Up 7: Type 92 Gun

The 70mm light howitzer is a portable "battalion" guns (1 out of 2) and a big help in defence. Each battalion had 2 of those artillery pieces. 

Close-Up 8: Chi-He Type 1

The first of the two medium Japanese tanks is located on the edge of some rocks, in perfect position, to strike either the Australians in the nearby bamboo forest or, if required, the turret can easily target the Americans on the beach. 

Close-Up 9: Masked Tank

The painting of the tank absorbs this Chi-He Type 1 with a perfect camouflage. Watch closely the other positioned battalion gun (2 out of 2) nearby.

Close-Up 10: Caves

The mountain has naturally trenches and caves in front which gives an advantage over the defenders.

Close-Up 11: Home

A few caves provide a sleeping quarter (bunk bed) and enough space for a table and chair and perhaps storage for goods and ammunition.

Close-Up 12: Trench

Between the caverns and bunker hastily erected defence. Japanese men taking cover behind barrels, sandbags  and other obstacles as a trailers to defend against the allied force marching from the beach.

Close-Up 13: Chi-He Type 3

Size does matter. Same medium tank, however bigger gun. Again well settled to out fire the enemy.

Close-Up 14: Bunker Complex

The surfaced bunker, made out of concrete, will withstand the gun power and shelling from the ships. However, a simple well prepared and precision grenade or flamethrower can do more damage.

Close-Up 15: Citadel Of Tranguility

Perhaps not the best place to live, but in times of war and in this unexpected raid; the best place to be. However a fearless outbreak is perhaps best defence.

Close-Up 16: Unleased

Fights are everywhere. Near the airfield, on the beach, assaulting the bunker. More and more Americans are brought in from the sea to increase pressure on the occupiers.

Close-Up 17: Airstrip

Still defended as a stronghold besides the bunker is the airfield with an abended Zero aircraft. The fuel car is hopefully empty because loose bullets from the offensive force, which is moving slowly but surely, not desirable.

Close-Up 18: Emerging Tank

The M4 Sherman is an impressive happening, watching it driving up the rural sand from the turbulent sea.

Close-Up 19: Emerging Men

What the Japanese see from their bunker is a new wave of marines, fully charged, armed and equipped and no way the allies are backing down.

Close-Up 20: Ricochet

The defenders, equipped with more than just a gun, would have a chance, but outnumbered by numerous foot soldiers and that creates perhaps the odds.

Close-Up 21: Unfair

With all the machine gun, rifles, huge tank barrels aimed at one point would give an eerie feeling of the future outcome. Which we unfortunately will not know for this specific frozen battle scene.

Close-Up 22: Top Down

Safest and last place to be is on top of the mountain. Oversee the complete clash between several armies. Must be a movie to witness, but the end is inevitable.


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