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Gallary Project 5: Tropical Beach Assault


Somewhere in the spacious ocean of the Pacific a beach assault is ongoing by the American & Australians on Japanese occupied soil. Fighting in jungle terrain is tough as everyone is fighting the unknown enemy called nature. The side of this island was chosen to unleash allied forces and repulse the evil force from the island.

The American try to conduct a beach head by dropping troops on the shore and moving to the Japanese defensive positions. The Japanese have fortified themselves a long time ago in gunned bunkers on ground level, but also up in the rocky hills. Where the American soldiers and their supportive tanks and jeeps enforce a breakthrough on the bunkers, another allied force is also involved.

Along the shore also the Australians are moving ahead, but through the bamboo fields. Their goal is to clear the natural caves of the Japanese and going uphill to secure the area of guns and in case possible even the heavy gun in the bunker.

Model Specification

A diversity of a few Japanese and American tanks, artillery, vehicles and airplanes, such as Chi-He, Mustang, Willy, etc. and of course representative figures. The Australians are only represented by their troops or acquired materials from the American. The plastic models which are constructed, painted and hence used in the diorama are represented below. Click on each images to redirect to detailed facts & more photos.