Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from the East

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the left part of this skerries thrypich called the "east" side.

Close-Up 1: The East View

As the British Commandos attempt to cross the small framed bridge to encounter the German counter force which is hasty assembled by German Division and perhaps more reinforcements underway.

Close-Up 2: Downhill

In the mid-east-section of the skerries, looking westwards, in the distance engaged commandos are in sight and ready for combat. From two flanks skiing forces gather to compal a blockade and hopefully in time.

Close-Up 3: The British Horde

The Germans behold the crosspassign British unfearful Commandos, endeavor to proceed and succeed, despite a potential failure.

Close-Up 4: Ski Ramp

Late in spring, in the mountains, snow is still present and excellent soil to rush in extra troops... on skis...

Close-Up 5: Into The Woods

Extra reinforcement are pushing through the woods to support the frontline.

Close-Up 6: Flag Signal

Old fashion flags are still used to communicate with the higher mountain ridge.

Close-Up 7: Snow Line

At the edge of the snow soldiers are dugging in and positioning themselves to empose the upcoming wave of moving commandos on the bridge.

Close-Up 8: Narrow Gulch

Not only downhill, but also in the gulch the mountain dicision soldiers budge their way to the front. 

Close-Up 9: Holsteins

The poor cows are not yet aware of the rampage from both parties... or don't bother...

Close-Up 10: Walkign On Thin Ice

Apparently the two participants of the mountain division could find their skis. A rope keeps them connected on slippy snow.

Close-Up 11: Lost Italians

The two lost Italian soldiers took a wrong turn and ended up a layer down diverged from their division and command. Trust they tour back to their company in time... or not and join the axis partner Germany coping an assault.


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