Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from the Centre

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the left part of this skerries thrypich called the "centre" side.

Close-Up 1: The Centre View

The eagle shows excitement at varios level. Top, the middle and below at riverbedding movement ongoing; west to east.  

Close-Up 2: Mid Section

Whether the push happens by British tanks, bikes or soldiers, where is a trespassing, it will be taken. The east flank gathers their forces to oppose.

Close-Up 3: Welbikes

Ahead of the Cromwell tank the three Welbikes and its drivers rush forward to make space on the other side. Perhaps should be the other way around; tank first... as the enemy is already expecting them the outcome is predictable. 

Close-Up 4: Bridge

Hopefully the bridge is strong enough to carry 28 tons of steel.  

Close-Up 5: Casualties

Whilst bravely storming over the bridge, with black and white cows as spectators, bullets are absorbed resulting in wounded men. 

Close-Up 6: Center Crossing

One deck lower, British Commandos are assulting another bridge to enforce a bridge head for reinformcements to push further on the East side. 

Close-Up 7: Entrance

Beneath the wooden path another section for battle emerges with Germans from a cave at river stream level.

Close-Up 8: Panzer IV

Somehow the cavern provides access to a large German Panzer IV tank flanked with the Mountain Division. They are shooting at the opposite river edge. Seemingly something happening there.

Close-Up 9: River Edge

Aside of the river, a wooden path serves the British Commandos to sway to a sphere in the distance, which is for a reason.

Close-Up 10: Wooden Deck Path

The rickety deck remains together whilst commandos are rushing over with risk of their lives as gettign shot at from the other side by Germans..

Close-Up 11: Secret Portal

The German are secretly trying to enter the battleground through a hidden backdoor. Fortunately the commandos have foreseen even risking their lives.


Can't get enough, please rewind to West!