Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from the South

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the left part of this pentagon board called the "south" side.

Close-Up 1: Raft

German Engineers on a misison to mine the bridge, if still applicable as the enemy tank already approached the bridge.

Close-Up 2: Estuary

The wooden bridge is the only passage before the canal end flows in a large lake. Therefore for the Russians of utmost importance to preserve.

Close-Up 3: Battlefield

All available firepower lined up well; Germans with machine guns and grenades along with the Tiger II, and a Flax 88.

Close-Up 4: Tons

Valid questionable is the fact if bridge, made out of wood, can withstand 26 tons. Perhaps strong wood.

Close-Up 5: Frisian

Alognside the canal the Russians oppose the German Infantry and Paratroopers. Whilst the cross fire the cows contiue eating and dont notice the disturbance.

Close-Up 6: Crash

An unfortunate Messersmith crashed in the woods a while ago. Not able to fly anymore.

Close-Up 7: BF 109

However the Messerschmitt appears to be  a good coverage for assaulting Germans; a blessing in disguise.

Close-Up 8: Many More Troops

The Russians near the waterfront are having a hard time now more Gemans are emerging from the woods.


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