Enjoy the world in scale 1:72!

View from the West

The images below of close-up figures ans models are depicting the left part of this pentagon board called the "west" side.

Close-Up 1: Outpost

To start at the west side of the battlefield, from an occupied defence structure on high ground, the Germans are  firing en mass into the distance. Opposing Russians are hanging out on the other side of the field.


Close-Up 2: Flak

A German Anti-Air gun is supporting the German troops to fire 88mm shells; not only on the entrencehed enemy troops, but also at the approach Russian T-34 tank on the bridge.

Close-Up 3: Field

The enemy is fiercely resisting and the German commander is awaiting to signal a full attack. Perhaps the Russian IS-2 is spotted behind them and refrains him from further action.

Close-Up 4: Barricade

Sfift imporvised barrages raised from all kind of materials by the Russian defenders as chests and barrels to protect against incoming firepower.

Close-Up 5: Bridge

Russian tank T-34 and Russian soldiers crossing a bridge to outsmart the enemy for defending purpose... or offensive defense...?

Close-Up 6: Tank

While the medium Russian tank moves forward, the German cavelry has arrived; not a Tiger I, but better... a Tiger II. Which is no match for the T-34. Will this be a short end for the trapped Russians on the bridge? 


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