Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from the North

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the left part of this pentagon board called the "north" side.

Close-Up 1: Canal

This cultvated channel, running from North to South, creates a natrual barrier for any vehicle. A bridge is the only solution to cross by a T-34.  

Close-Up 2: IS-2

Next to the channel a Russian IS-2 steams up to assist the T-34 and to intercept the German Tiger I. 

Close-Up 3: Barrel

The IS-2 with a 122 mm barrel is  outclass all tanks, a game changer in tank battles, although they Tiger II with a special modified 88mm should not be underestimated.

Close-Up 4: Perpendicular

Along the outskirts of the channel, made out of massive boulders, also Russian troops are reinforcing the encircled comrades on the bridge.

Close-Up 5: Intersection

From above the scene resembles a crossroad with tanks quarreling the priority over the other.

Close-Up 6: Nebelwerfer

One of the most icon rocket launchers of the WW2 scene; somehow budged through the woods and placed on a ledge of the hill to strike down on the enemy.  

Close-Up 7: Ledge

Without the Nebelwerfer, the high spot is ideal to aim for the enemy as almost the whole battle field can be overseen. Unfortunately no heavy equipment can be attracted.

Close-Up 8: Surpise Attack

Another spot with hidden Germans sneaking upon the Russian reinforcements, however on a lower level. 

Close-Up 9: Portal

Peak in the tunnel from the North side where just a half-track with AA drove through.

Close-Up 10: Line Of Defense

Near the Channel shore, on the west side, the Russian created a barricade took position to provide reinforcements  the time to back-up the bridge defenders.

Close-Up 11: Family Of Deer

Spectators save and high above all clatter of arms and madness of mankind.


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