Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

Development Project 5: Pacific Island Assualt

Constructing a diorama consist of phases while painting of the various models and figures can proceed in parallel. There is no single path to follow. Creativity, improvisation and ingenuity come along your journey of modelling with joy. Attend to an original image is just a direction, but don’t fear to diverge. Neither did I. I would rather say that the results became even better than was planned.

Sometimes a goal can't be achieved because of missing the resources or it just doesn’t work out the way you want it and for the sack of time... Everything is adjustable afterwards at later point in time. Although after placing the plastic soldiers for instance it would be harsh to accomplish.


Planned for just a few quick months, ended up in more than expected. How challanging can a beach and water be? Well, actually the other 50% kept me busy from all angles. The figures and vehicles were quickly collected, a must placed is the famous landign craft, however the scenery itself, includign the bunkers kept me unhappy constantly. Could not consent to the rigth shape or scale. Was grass or palms perhaps to tall? The bunker too small or to tiny... How to cover details with unavailable jungle material. 


A bit underestimated the terrain build. Upfront the idea wwas fully clear. However the decoration wasn't easy. Puting palm trees and sort of tall grass is difficult as I'm not living in such area and hard to imagine. What the correct soil should be between took research and finding the right material. There is not much available other than createing perhaps myself. Ended with just a mix as usual to get closer to reality.


Use differentt matrieal than the other 4 projects before plaster and a product never worked with before, soem kind of acryl gel material from "sceneryworkshop.nl". The other materials I used, besides paper mache, are styrofoam, clay, wood (fibreboards, etc) for foundation and metal mesh.


Frustrating was that level of detail to manage the sea look and feel. Eventually my daughter finished it off after my many attempts which included repaint, reshape etc. Another frustration remained the detail of jungle. The moss does the trick hopefully. Also after acquiring two more colors (blue and red). In the end, the results may be there. Please check the gallery for final result. A piece of art.