Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from the Allies

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the defensive party also known as the "allied" side.

Close-Up 1: From Alies View

British 8th army defense force opposing the advancing enemy force conisting of German and Italian troops, vehicles, tanks and what more.

Close-Up 2: Desert Castle

This part of the qaṣr has its purpose to defend the other side of the narrow gap. Although the ancient sandwalls cannot protect entirly and leave all unharmed.    

Close-Up 3: Howitzer 

How is this Britisch 6 pounder positioned upon the tower roof? Super powers of the 8th Army.

Close-Up 4: Defensive Positions

Many types of guns and howitzers are ensembled and positioned in front of the fortress and aiming all at the narrow passage. Supporting British troops are dug in of behind piles of sandbags.

Close-Up 5: M3 & QF

The mighty looking land leased M3 Grant is a fixed asset to desert battles, but might not withstand to a tank destroyer or Tiger. Better than nothing. Same to the British 4.5 Pounder Howitzer. However, any made damage contributes. 

Close-Up 6: Crusader

A nice looking tank, made in Britain, but cannot make a difference on the battlefield comparing to the power of the German advancing force.

Close-Up 7: Antitank Barricades

To ensure passage to the land behind the corridor and fortress, obstacles as hedgehogs are scattered among the surface. The downside is no burst out of the area with heavy equipment is possible. Only a defence mode tactic momentary...

Close-Up 8: Bedford QL

More reinforcements are taking position on the walls, but also in the man made fox holes or bomb craters. In the far back a British truck located which delivered the 6 pounder to the top of the roof... or... 

Close-Up 9: Major Howitzer

The QF 25 pounder with its lethel shells and high reate of fire can make a difference to an attack force with tanks, perhasp even any tank.

Close-Up 10: Flanks

On the flanks, edge of the high ridge, a decent defensive stand possible for soldiers to shoot down and even a tank to take aim downwards on the enemy. 

Close-Up 11: Tea Time

Also soldiers need their punctual 4 o-clock afternoon break to sip on some lukewarm tea with a splash of milk, meanwhiel cracking jokes with their fellow comrades.

Close-Up 12: Morris & Morris

For towing equipment around the battlefield, as a Bofor Anti-Air Gun, the British have the CDSW artillery tractor present, but also the C8 Artillery Tractor for even more heavy equipment, as a 25 Pounder Howitzer, pull purpose.

Close-Up 13: British Battlefield Side

The 8th Army will firmly standout against the invaders. Maybe out numbered, the Germans will have a hard time to clear path, if even possible. Do not underestimate the enemy as British are in defence and lay down an impressive defence in their short time span. The flanks from both sides might be in favour of the British. 

Close-Up 14: M5

No battl ein a desert without the presence of the American Stuart Tank along the M3 Grant.

Close-Up 15: Caverns

This mountain ridge with their many caves are idle to hide some military personal to confront the from an unexpected angle.  

Close-Up 16: Inside The Fortress

Not visible from German side, the British Matilda-II found a position to sneaky point at Germans. Furthermore, the walls are reinforced with the few left inside the fortress. Matter of time before getting crushed by enemy fire power of the 2 giant Italian artillery guns in the far distance.

Close-Up 17: British Air Support

The Hurricane is a dignified opponent for sky battles air-to-air, but also taking out ground targets with its 4 mighty guns mounted on both wings.

Close-Up 18: Battlefield View

To British fighter overlooks the upcoming clash as it is very clear the Italians and Germans have taken position to assault the British fortified courageous defenders.


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