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Hungarian Medium Tank : 40M Turan (Type I)

The Turán was a Hungarian medium tank of World War II. It was inspired by and used the technology-based solutions found on the design of the Czechoslovak Škoda T-21 medium tank prototype, it was produced in two main variants: the 40M Turán (or Turán I) with a 40mm gun and the 41M Turán (orTurán II) with a 75mm gun. A total of 424 were made.

A prototype variant, the 43M Turán (orTurán III) was also turned out but did not go into production. Prototypes were manufactured, but work on the project stopped in 1944 when the mass-producing terminated in the country.

Model Specifications [wikipedia]

Model Specifications [wikipedia] - Turan III

Hungarian Medium Tank : 43M Turan (Type III)