How to enjoy the world in 1:72?

Portrayed close-ups shots of the various projects already framed and released developments. 

This year's 2021 completed design during Q1: fictional skirmish between German, Italian & British troops near a mountain gorge with, snow,  waterfall and gaves. 

Gallary 1 : Wolgov Bridge Battle [2020]

Gallary 2 : Skerries Skirmish [2021]

Gallary 3 : Clash Of Tanks - Part 1 - ongoing [2021]

Gallary 3 : Clash Of Tanks - Part 2 - ongoing [2021]

How to create a landscape and how to develop? Depicted the creation of finished projects.

Recently started a new project with a theme based on tanks, lots of tanks... Size about 60 by 120 cm and consists of 2 parts.

Recent new completed developments is a skirmies between skerries.

Project 1 : Wolgov Bridge Battle - completed

Project 2 : Skerries Skirmish - completed

Project 3 : Clash of Tanks - pending

Painted Models of Airplanes (fighters, bombers), Tanks Artillery (armoured cars, guns, half-track) of several Allied and Axis war joining countries:

  1. American
  2. British
  3. German
  4. Russian
  5. Italian
  6. France
  7. Chinese
  8. Japanense
  9. Rumanian

Future Plans

Planned for this year's 2021 Q4:

  1. Clash of German and Russian tanks on a slight fortified hill area somewhere on the soil of Russia. 

Future spoilers:

  1. Pacific island assault with a beach landing by Americans Marines and Australians troops against bunkered Japanese Infantry. 
  2. Desert battle scenario between the Italian Army and famous Afrikakorps versus British 8th Army.
  3. German airfield assault by allied troops (mix of American & British).
  4. Battle for a large bridge between Americans Infantery inlcuding Paratroopers & Germans.
  5. Germans sieges a Russian city in winter season.
  6. Small forest skirmish between French and Germans.
  7. Scenery of single RAF & USAAF airfield.