Enjoy the world in scale 1:72!

Portrayed close-ups shots of the various projects already framed and released developments. 

Last year, during 2021, a huge dyptich completed in Q4: a fictional tank battle royale between German, Rumanian and Italian and Soviets troops equipped with howitzers and tanks dugged into trenches on erratic terrain among a forest.

Gallery 1 : Wolgov Bridge Battle [2020 Q2]

Gallery 2 : Skerries Skirmish [2021 Q1]

Gallery 3 : Clash Of Tanks - Part 1 - UC [2021 Q3]

Gallery 3 : Clash Of Tanks - Part 2 - UC [2021 Q4]
Gallery 4 : Desert Trap - UC [2022 Q2]

Gallery 5 : Island Assault - UC [2022 Q2]

How to create a landscape and how to develop? Depicted the creation of finished projects.

Recently started a new project with a theme based on tanks, guns, sand, narrow path and soldiers... Size about 40 by 85 cm.

Recent new completed developments is a skirmies between skerries.

Project 1 : Wolgov Bridge Battle - completed

Project 2 : Skerries Skirmish - completed

Project 3 : Clash of Tanks - completed

Project 4 : Desert Trap - under contruction

Project 5 : Island Assault - under contruction

Painted Models of Airplanes (fighters, bombers), Tanks Artillery (armoured cars, guns, half-track) of several Allied and Axis war joining countries:

  1. American
  2. British
  3. German
  4. Russian
  5. Italian
  6. France
  7. Chinese
  8. Japanense
  9. Rumanian

Future Plans

Planned for this year's 2022 Q2:

  • Desert battle scenario between the Italian Army and famous Afrikakorps versus British 8th Army.

Planned for this year's 2022 Q4:

  • Pacific island assault with a beach landing by Americans Marines and Australians troops against bunkered Japanese Infantry. 

Planned for this year's 2023 Q1:

  • Germans sieges a Russian city in winter season.

Future spoilers:

  1. Attack on Luftwaffe Airstrip by allied troops (mix of American & British).
  2. Small forest skirmish between French and Germans.
  3. Battle between Americans Infantery including Paratroopers & Germans over a large bridge crossing a wide river.
  4. ?