Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from the North

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the left part of this skerries thrypich called the "north" side.

Close-Up 1: The North View

The Alpine are special troops capable to handle battles in mountain ranges. Supported with horses carrying armament and a encompanging self-propelled gun, brings them forward to the approaching British forces.


Close-Up 2: Semovente

Not clear if the 75 mm gun of the Semovente will penetrate through the armor of the opposing Cromwell's armor which could be 3 or 4 inces and hopefully not back fires with it's 75 mm barrel as well.

Close-Up 3: Marching Soldiers

The complete Aplini did not take a stand yet as not expected yet to encounter enemy troops with skis still tied.

Close-Up 4: Dare Devils

The front line consists of Welbikes; not scared of aything and speeding foward.

Close-Up 5: Bridgehead

The first men of the Italian Mountain Division took position aside of the road to clear passage for the mobile artillery and to shield for incoming British soldiers.

Close-Up 6: The Rear Guard

Support troops on their way to the front whilst a German signals to a lower section about their situation.

Close-Up 7: Einzelgänger

How higher on the mountain, how better the view, he must have thought... Or how further away from the misery.

Close-Up 8: Rutting Stags

In the far distance, on top of the hills, 2 spectators are observing the insanity of mankind.


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