Enjoy the world in scale 1:72!

Development Project 2: Skerries Skirmish

Constructing a diorama consist of phases while painting of the various models and figures can proceed in parallel. There is no single path to follow. Creativity, improvisation and ingenuity come along your journey of modelling with joy. Attend to an original image is just a direction, but don’t fear to diverge. Neither did I. I would rather say that the results became even better than was planned.

Sometimes a goal can't be achieved because of missing the resources or it just doesn’t work out the way you want it and for the sack of time... Everything is adjustable afterwards at later point in time. Although after placing the plastic soldiers for instance it would be harsh to accomplish.


The first project took 1 week. The second a few months durign winter time. The challenge was especially the wooden frame. Where to put gaves and such. intially I had in mind a two simple mountain ridges with a huge connecting bridge. However, I would loose effective space. Main goal remaisn to make as much use of the environment as possible to store as much as figures, trees and models.

Actually, the design just got itself created as the hands dont follow the mind sometimes. Initially not planned to include Italian figures, but as there was snow I remembered the Alpine Troops and must not be missing in this diorama.


Having said that the steps are shown consecutive picture style to provide a clear idea of the development in different stages. Some choices were after all not very smart or questionable. However the finish counts. As this is the third diorama I'm still learning and usign different techniques. This time I use some leftover wood as a foundation and frame. The downside is that this took a long time puttign together and some moments of frustration.

Another challenge was the waterfall and river. There are so many techniques and material to do this showed on the internet, but not how I would do. Next time will use another method, but anyway please about the outcome as againsst the odds and fear upfront. For everythign a first time.


In total the final result is anyway better than expected, also considerign the diversion of original plan. Apologies for having only a few pictures. Many pictures were taken, but not suitable as the size of the project is unusual. This resulted is wrong angles and useless after all. Next timein such stuaion more often pictures ans directly online processing. Frankly, I forgot to take in between phases pictures as sometiems in a flow the mind has to focus.


A few months of labor has resulted in this diorama depicting a battle scenario between 3 armies (1 existing of 2 divisions) with supporting vehicles. A delight for the eye to check for every corner, cave and valve where are details hidden and no empty spot neglected. Next, please redirect to the gallery of this battle scenario for (close-up) captions and story line.