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Canadian Personnel Lorry : C15A (no. 11)

Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truckswere mutually coherent ranges of military trucks, made in large numbers, in several classes and numerous versions, by Canada's branches of the U.S. 'Big Three' auto-makers during World War II, compliant to British Army specifications, primarily intended for use in the armies of the British Commonwealth allies, but also serving in other units of the British Empire.

Canadian factories produced some 850,000 vehicles in World War II, including some 50,000 armoured vehicles, self-propelled guns and tanks, but the greatest significance is given to the vast majority – over 800,000 – of trucks and light wheeled vehicles, produced by Ford, GM and Chrysler of Canada.


  • Chevrolet C15A (4x4, 101-inch wheelbase, 15 cwt)
  • Chevrolet C15TA Armoured Truck (4x4, 101-inch wheelbase, 15 cwt)

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