Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from The Offense

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the offensive party also known as the "allied" side.

Close-Up 1: Beach Landing

The American are conducting a landing on a sandy shore and strike the Japanese  together with the Australians. Where the Australian troops are already dropped, the American still reinforce the beach head. A large bunker compound is in the way to move into the Jungle.

Close-Up 2: Higgins Boat

The Americans use a LCVP as landing craft to deliver fresh marine troops at beach head which was previously consolidated by the Marines. 

Close-Up 3: Left Angle

The Sherman, dropped by a distanced Liberty Ship, crawls its way while assisting the Higgins Boat. Marines make way through the water. 

Close-Up 4: Right Angle

Any floating device, in this case a raft, is used to reach the shore once dropped from Liberty Ships and missed the ride per LCVP.

Close-Up 5: Willies

The many famous American Jeeps already ashore to grind their way forward to the Japanese bunker complex. 

Close-Up 6: LTVs

These 4-wheel drive vehicles are brought by numerous tracked landing vehicles also called Buffalos (unfortunately not represented in this scenery).

Close-Up 7: Artillery

Also mounted an American M1 Howitzer in position to assist in fire support for the assaulting troops and shelling the bunker or any other enemy opposition.

Close-Up 8: Sherman

Heavy equipment arrived at the beach head in shape of a medium tank. Developed during WW2 and this one of the almost 50.000 produced ever.

Close-Up 9: Marines

Brave soldiers of the United States Marine Corps send on a tour of duty to eliminate as many as Japanese defenders possible.

Close-Up 10: Zero

In the aftermath of fast approaching Americans on the flanks near an airfield, the Japanese fighter was left behind and not able to ascend and flee to another island.

Close-Up 11: Airstrip

Although the planes cant take off anymore, still Japanese offensive actions take place against the attackers.

Close-Up 12: Á6M

These Mitsubishi is one of the almost 11.000 planes produced and feared among the enemy because of the manoeuvrability and long range combination.

Close-Up 13: Beach Line

From this angle clearly visible the combined assault on the beach head to dispel any suspicion of not willing to win, let alone thinking of a retreat

Close-Up 14: Bunker

Between the bushes a heavy machine gun sticks out of a bunker slot and a burst of fire descends on the approaching soldiers.

Close-Up 15: Reinforcements

A new wave of fresh Marines unloads from the Higgins Boat on the sandy shores of this island, in the hope to growth pressure on the assault.

Close-Up 16: Second Notch

Not just one machine gun is pointing towards the sea, but also a second one is a bit further active. Again well concealed among many colourful bushes. Tough nut to crack for the attack force and heavy equipment is inevitable.

Close-Up 17: Japanese Armament

Through the trees almost impossible job for the Americans to encounter Japanese defenders, two tanks and even a machine gun (in disguise).

Close-Up 18: Rough Shore

Americans have support from Australian allies who take the task to move through tough piece of jungle full with bamboo. Less dense is a small path along the cliffs. If not watched carefully a bullet is not the only end to life.

Close-Up 19: Bamboo

Compared to any other allied nation, the Australians have unfortunately always take the task upon to grind their way through compact wooded jungle.

Close-Up 20: Jungle Road

Advancing through the bamboo forest is cumbersome, however the road is also shelled and under fire. Crouching and crawling is the only approach.

Close-Up 21: Cave Path

This dirty road leads to the caves where the Japanese are hiding. No other choice for the Australians to take ground inch by inch and eradicate the enemy.

Close-Up 22: Cave Hideout

Underneath the forward marching allied nation a naturally formed cave system gives shelter to the Japanese as defenders. The entrances are well hide and every rock has to be turned twice to empty the place before moving to the next obstacle.

Close-Up 23: Man Cave

Not too shabby to survive here. Not a hotel style environment; the conditions varies from poor to worse. Better some cover to enemy fire than nothing.

Close-Up 24: P-51

Aircover by the American Fighter, the Mustang, secures the air superiority over the island in the pacific theatre. Zeros are localized, but not in the air.


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