Enjoy the world in scale 1:72

View from the West

The images below of close-up figures and models are depicting the left part of this skerries thrypich called the "west" side.

Close-Up 1: The West View

General eagle view on the left part of the diorama and top layer. This side is the liberated territory by British Tanks and Guns served by the British Paratroopers. The British are attempting to cross the cleavage to counter Italian opponents. The Welbikes in the lead and followed by a Cromwell and Valentine while flanked by a M1 anti-tank gun with operating paratroopers.  


Close-Up 2: Valentine

This Valentine is supporting the Bitish Paratroopers towards the bridge crossing the valley.

Close-Up 3: Multiple Guns

Two rock layers has guns in position. American made M1 and M3 anti-tank guns with troops and a Bofor anti-air to encounter approaching planes.

Close-Up 4: Two M1 AT Guns

Multipe M1 Anti-Tank guns, originally a USA design and 75 mm barrel, are installed on the west flank to rain down on the valley. Three in total are hidden in the woods.

Close-Up 5: Third M1 AT Gun

Behind the tree, pointing eastwards, parallel to the bridge, the third M1 anti-tank gun aiming at the opposite side where the enemy lies to cover them with echoing blasts

Close-Up 6: British Tanks

Designed to support troops the infantry tanks Valentine and at front the Cromwell ar eheadign for the bridge expecting not to much resistance or another enemy tank... 

Close-Up 7: Encounter

Unfortunately, on the other side of the bride entrance, Italian Artillery is approaching and blocking a clear route forward.

Close-Up 8: Hook

Unclear what the purpose of this action goign to be. Swing by a waterfall?

Close-Up 9: Cromwell

Tanks on the move and crossing a bridge with British Paratroopers and British commando's aside aiming at the enemy at the otherside of the gap to make way. 

Close-Up 10: Americans

Appearing unexpected American Infantry in a Willy, or just on a scouting mission.

Close-Up 11: Troops And Artillery

Commando's heavily in action with support of the American provided M3 to sheel the opposite side and layers of the valley gulch.

Close-Up 12: Bofor AA Gun

To protect the libareted side of this valley, anti-air protection is a must. The operators have managed to establish the equipment at this rock base.

Close-Up 13: M3 AT Gun

Peeking through the trees provides another small bridge, but also on the M3 anti-tank gun. 

Close-Up 14: Gave

Underneath the mountain, in the bottom corner, there is a natural corridor leading to a place near the waterfall. The German Mountain Troops, equipped with necessary skis and bike, are ready to present themselves among the British by suprise.


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